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Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solutions

Geoinformation system helps to 
organize spatial data for many use cases - 
from search data to 
sharing maps and coworking.
GeoMixer Cloud

GeoMixer Cloud

Many of successful technologies 
are migrating to the clouds 
not mention ones to be born in the cloud. 
This way allows continuously software updates 
and more flexible scaling. 
Software as a service (SaaS) means 
you don't need to deploy and maintain 
your own infrastructure to work 
with GeoMixer and to store your data.
Maps and services

Maps and services

For data visualization and publishing 
beatiful maps you need base map layers 
or even some additional services 
which usage could facilitate 
tasks or enrich your projects. GeoMixer provides 
users with "base maps" 
from topographic to satellite.
Data analysis

GeoMixer provides tools for data analysis like measurements, buffer calculation, coordinate grid etc. Use tables to create feature selections. Edit features right on the map.


GeoMixer can be useful as data organizer for various types of spatial data combined in one project or even shared between several coworkers.
The supported data types are GIS formats as well as text tables or databases.
Invite coworkers and manage rights to access and edit your projects and data layers.

Sharing and export

GeoMixer based maps (projects) can be embed into web or mobile map applications using GMX API that is compatible with most popular opensource Lealflet.JS library (check the examples).
On the server-side it provides REST API for data import  / exports and a set of industrial standads based services - WMS / WFS /.WMTS with the help of which you can programly import your data into appropriate GeoMixer layers or export data from GeoMiser to load it into desktop GIS software.


Style your map and add any rich content (photos, videos, descriptions etc.) to embed it into your own site or application (see GMX API).
Share map position, drawing objects, selected date-time using "link to the map" permalink or <iframe>.

What should you know about maps?

Do you know that visualization of data in the form of illustrations, graphs and diagrams is more effective than in the form of text and tables? And what if your information contains geographical context? Then it can be represented not only graphically but also showing it on the map. One map instead of multiple tables and diagrams.

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