Enterprise solutions based on GeoMixer platform

ГИС на базе платформы GeoMixerGeoinformation system (GIS) helps to organize spatial data for many use cases: from search data to sharing maps and coworking. It can be implemented as one of the components of more complicated entire Information system. GeoMixer is a robust and scalable platform for online maps and GIS solutions for which we offer a flexible pricelist and annual support.

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 How does it work? (Case study - The Data Catalog solution based on GeoMixer)

 Geoportal schemes Catalogoperative scheme

  1. Imagery acquisition and preprocessing tools
  2. Panchromatic or bundle products converted into JPEG raster layers. In addition to quicklooks, these allow users to preview imagery in full resolution or limited by zoom levels, to download fragments, or to get imagery as a service for third-party applications
  3. The main GeoMixer-based user application serves to search imagery using a number of filters, to preview images on top of interactive basemaps, to upload AOI shapefiles, etc.
  4. The storage of imagery products (as files) and metadata (as databases) can be deployed in the cloud or in the enterprise network.
  5. Notifications of imagery updates for certain areas of interest predefined by user subscriptions.
  6. Third-party applications users who can get access to RGB imagery and metadata via standard program interfaces like WMS / WFS.

Components of GeoMixer platform for enterprise

GeoMixer Editor

The application is designed to perfom main operations with spatial data: upload, customize styles, delegate rights etc. Also is used as base UI viewer to browse created maps, to interact with data and to use tools and services.

GeoMixer API

Program interface to embed GeoMixer maps into client-side applications, customize user interface and to add additional components and plugins.

GeoMixer Server

GeoMixer's backend to manage data into Database, to optimize it for better perfomance and many more Server-side operations like WMS, WFS data export and so on...


Some advantages of GeoMixer platform for enterprise GIS development

  • Amazing web-based perfomance of big data in vector formats (like gpx tracks. multitemporal data like tracking or satellite imagery)
  • Propriatary or opensource backend environment (MS SQL Server / Prostgre SQL)
  • Scalable architecture for enterprise and cloud-base solutions
  • Base maps and open data (like Openstreetmap)
  • Easy customizable UI using API and opensource components like Leaflet
  • Tech support and users community, tutorilas, case studies, webinars...


Use individual method and learn from others. We can analyze your business taks and consult you regarding best practice of GIS integration and usage.

Case Studies

Geoportal of Russian Emercom «Kosmoplan»


Multipoject system to support decision makers and operators in Emercom. Contains various data sets and connection services. Pluged with VPN into Scanex network to get the operative satellite imagery acquired and processed by Scnaex.


GIS for agriculture control "Demetra"


The united system for agriculture activities control by "Rosselhoznadzor". Integrates several subsystems for information support of state control.

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